I have to take flight from Hong Kong airport, when should I take the shuttle bus so as to catch the flight?

Passengers may refer to the below table for more airline requirements information


I lost my stuff. How should I do?

Please contact our customer service representative and provide your journey details including ticket number, aboard / alight date & time, license plate number or driver characteristics, characteristics of missing stuff/baggage, contact information, etc. Macau HK Airport Direct service hotline (852) 3193 9188 Hong Kong (853) 6567 0900 Macau

Which airline provides the "Baggage Tag Through" service at your counter?

The baggage tag through service directly sends baggage from HZMB Macao checkpoint to the final destination, providing passengers with a hassle-free journey. Below is the list of airlines which provide the baggage tag through service to passengers from Macao.

  • Greater Bay Airlines   (HB) ✔
  • HK Express Airways Limited   (UO) ✔
  • Philippine Airlines (PR) ✔
  • Air China   (CA) ✔
  • Asiana Airlines (OZ) ✔
  • China Airlines (CI) ✔
  • China Southern Airlines (CZ) ✔
  • Ethiopian Airlines (ET) ✔
  • Japan Airlines  (JL) ✔


Do I need to carry the luggage at immigration? 

Passengers travelling from Macau to HKIA are kindly requested to carry their personal belongings and baggage to the transportation bus, where our dedicated baggage assistants will be pleased to assist with loading, in case passengers have not successfully completed upstream check-in (please refer to the relevant airline check-in details in the 'Our Service' page). For passengers travelling from HKIA to Macau, we kindly ask them to reclaim their baggage at the baggage reclaim hall at SkyPier Terminal (if applicable) before boarding the transportation bus. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

How many luggage can I bring aboard? Is there any restriction?

The bus fare includes one piece of baggage for free, subject to specific weight and size restrictions. Each piece of baggage must not exceed a maximum weight of 20 kilograms (44 pounds) or total dimensions (length + width + height) exceeding 158 centimetres (62 inches). An additional fee of HKD $90 might be applied for each extra piece of baggage. Another additional fee of HK $90 might be applied for each overweight baggage. 

Please be advised that we reserve the right to refuse the transportation of overweight, oversized baggage, or any items classified as dangerous goods (such as flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, noxious substances, as well as animals and livestock), or items prohibited by customs regulations.

Shall I carry bicycle or baby & kids stroller aboard?

If passenger needs to carry luggage with irregular shape, please obtain the consent of our staff before collect the ticket. Bicycle or baby & kids stroller must be folded. Oversized luggage is required to have an additional luggage ticket. We reserve the right to allow or refuse the luggage for carry aboard base on actual space of the bus.

I lost my ticket, can I get another one with free of charges?

Please keep your ticket safely. In any case of lost of ticket, passenger is required to purchase for a new one.

If I missed my bus schedule, shall I get on the next one?

Passengers must follow the bus schedule printed on the ticket. There is no refund for any absence.

How many seat available for your bus? Shall I choose for a seat?

The number of seats of our bus fleet is mainly 36.  We might have temporary adjustments according to the operation situation.


Would our service be terminated when tropical cyclone signal no.8 is hoisted?

We might not be able to make advance notice for service suspension due to severe weather conditions such as tropical cyclone signal no.8 or higher is hoisted, or red/ black rainstorm warnings, or any other reasons include but not limit to flooding and landslip; Customers may contact us for latest arrangement. Macau HK Airport Direct service hotline (852) 3193 9188 Hong Kong (853) 6567 0900 Macau